June, 6th to 10th

Meila Varadero, Matanzas, Cuba

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New Deadline!

April 30th, 2022

Industrial Biotechnology

  • Carbohydrate biotransformations
  • Enzymes and microorganisms
  • Enzyme technology
  • Enzyme engineering
  • Metabolic engineering
  • Industrial biocatalysis

Plant Environment Interactions

  • Plant pathogens interactions (virus, bacterial, insects, fungus, oomycetes, others)
  • Novel models/genes for insect control
  • Diagnosis and identification of plant pathogens
  • Microbial isolates for plant pest/pathogen control and growth promoters. Mechanisms of action
  • Huanglongbing in citrus: tools for its management
  • Plant Immune Response
  • Abiotic stress Tolerance in plants
  • Stress Tolerance in plants
  • Plant Functional Genomics and Biotechnology
  • Plant Bioinformatics


Plant Biotechnology

  • Crop Genetic Improvement
  • Biotechnology and Plant Breeding
  • Resistance to Diseases and Insects in Transgenic Plants
  • Transgenic Plants Tolerant to Abiotic Stresses
  • Plant Genome Editing Technology
  • Biosafety and Regulatory Issues for Transgenic and Genome Edited Crops
  • Plant Expression Platforms
  • Production of Vaccines, Antibodies and Other Biologicals in Plants and Their Uses


Biotechnology Seeds

  • Germplasm and Variety development
  • Seed Biology, Production and Quality
  • Seed Storage and Conservation
  • Commercialization